MAN UP – HAS ARRIVED By Joel Crafton aka Black Pinoy

Multi music award winner Joel Crafton aka Black Pinoy –
hits the ground running with his new song, MAN UP the official release date, January 10, 2020 with action packed grooves and Jazzy lyrics that feed you like a gourmet plate of your best meal this song is recognized as jazz with a message. Appearing on the single is, Guitarist Tony Gviz, and Saxophonist Tony White adding a unique flavor to this powerful message. As DJs and fans grab a hold of this song as streams all over the world. This song makes the perfect gift for the right reasons. Please show your love and support and download this song today for it should be a part of your arsenal of songs you enjoy.

Jazz with a message





One of the most highly respected radio stations that presents the greatest indie artist on the planet – is Radio Station
This radio station has very talented DJs that truly understands that these artists have a platform and a voice where they could be heard. As I often credit many DJs and many radio stations that have always supported my music. My new song titled MAN UP

Debuted on so jazzy radio with DJ Keith V Gilchrist known as Jazzman. Tune into the chat room and have a great time and hear some great music. With big-time reviews from everyone who tuned in MAN UP is noted as a winner . The Official release date is January 10, 2022. MAN UP hits the ground running on January 10th, 2022 it will be sold on every major music platform. Joel Crafton aka Black Pinoy.


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